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The Importance of Texture

The Importance of Texture

As an Interior Designer, I am big on texture. By texture, I mean not just the actual feel of the surface of any material – smooth, raised, rough, silky, shiny, fuzzy – but how people perceive the texture.


This perception of texture can be fleeting or permanent and is influenced by lighting falling on the surface or how the surface interacts with or is influenced by adjacent textures.

What all designers know, and what many home owners also know instinctively, is that texture can bring a room alive.  It can be that final added ingredient that brings the separate elements of your décor into a satisfying whole.

Clever use and placement of differently textured items can highlight your feature elements – smooth next to rough will help the rough texture, and therefore that feature, stand out.

Texture works a bit like the warm and cool colours we’ve mentioned in earlier journals. It can affect the mood created by the space. Smooth textures can add an air of either calm or beautiful functionality, whilst rough textures can add intimacy and cosiness. Juxtapose them cleverly and you can balance your room perfectly whilst showcasing your feature items.

Yes, texture adds interest and balance. A room featuring smooth, flat textures only will be missing that WOW factor. A room featuring clashing textures in abundance, with no one feature being given weight or prominence will be a confusing and unrelaxing place to be. So decide which features you want to enhance and then use textures wisely to ensure they stand out. Colourful, rough textured cushions against a sleek, smooth leather sofa will become a bright and interesting focal point. A tufted rug will become a real feature against a plain neutral carpet or wooden flooring and modern, sleek furniture. It will provide both weight and balance to the room.

Look at pictures in magazines and think about why a particular room layout and décor appeals to you. Experiment at home, moving cushions, ornaments, lamps, tables around. Make mistakes. Learn from them. HAVE FUN!

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