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Picking the Perfect Paint

Picking the Perfect Paint

When it comes to picking colours for your house, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Choosing a single paint colour can be a feat in itself, let alone trying to coordinate colour schemes throughout an entire house.


The idea of creating balance and harmonisation with various hues is something that is advocated in every other interior magazine or blog, but in reality, we all know this can feel far-fetched and frustrating. It can make you want to tear up the colour chart and slather every wall in a safe magnolia. Magnolia is safe… isn’t it?

This is where Little Greene Paint Company Ltd intervenes to make life easier. Not only have they created hundreds of gorgeous colours to choose from, they have also released colour scales. This collection comprises of forty-eight of the company’s hugely popular natural hues. Each of these is divided into four shades of various depths. The luxury of a having a number of shades to choose from allows precision when choosing the perfect colour for your room. But who says a room must solely be painted in one shade? These tones can be combined to create a harmonious combination of colour.

French Grey and Slaked Lime are two colours from the collection that we recommend. They create a base that is neutral yet contains depth and warmth. Oh, and have we mentioned that this paint is environmentally conscious too?

Pop into our shop for some colour consultancy. We readily stock sample pots of paint and can order whatever shade you choose in your desired finish. Our retail prices for our most popular finish, the absolute matt emulsion, are listed below:

  • Sample pot  £4.95
  • 1 litre £24.50
  • 2.5 litres £48.50
  • 5 litres £85.00

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